Panorama to Tiny Planets

A quick panorama into the sun and then made into a ‘tiny’ planet.


p201401222p40_slm_sq3rot_s p201401222p40_slm_sq3rota_s

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Last year I was in Sydney and after sunset on the pier; took a couple of pictures of the famous sunlit icons. I did not have a tripod so had to think about being creative;


This is a hold and zoom effect while taking a long exposure. Centred at the appropriate position and the only digital part was to rotate and crop the image for presentation.

The next two have varying exposure lengths – interseting to see the traditional effect on the waves.



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Christmas Bauble – an aside

Actually this is from the eclipse in Australia in November: a little before last contact so partial eclipse is still in view.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.


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Olympics Part 2

Second day was N3 (North Stand Tier 2) – first one previous post was in N1 (North Stand Tier 1). First was very close and direct contactt, whereas the N3 was like a high-def TV view.

This was Japan vs Egypt – in a crowded stadium (quarter-finals) it is difficult for good and large compositions. Thumbnnails below:




Large – about 123million pixels

and fun:

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Pictures from the Olympics

A couple of panoramas from the 2012 Olympics; Football: held at Old trafford (29/7/12)

  • Egypy vs New Zealand
  • Brasil vs Belarus

And of course you can do a 360 degree view from my seat – the rich people are behind me in the glass rooms.

Also an animated GIF – first time I have done this for ages. Lots of software to choose, but simpest was

  • Align and crop using IrfanView
  • Batch convert agin using IrfanView
  • Finally used GIMP with each image as a different layer and then
  • save as a gif with auto-cropping set and annimated mode

The Canon 7D has a high-speed capture mode to test out, so the wining goal by Brazil:

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HDR fire

When taking HDR (High Dynamic Range) multiple pictures one thing you should not do is have moving components in the images. A quick test to prove this is shown at the recent firework day; where we had a large fire. Three pictures were taken,

and then HDR’ed together.

Taking standard image correction from the first raw photo gives a similar appearance – without the flame edge artifacts. Although, it does lose detail in the dark and lighht extremes.

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Little Planets

Creating small wold effects from panorams.

I have seen this effect on posters and the process is very simple.

  1. Take a panorama image – about 2.5:1 is about right
  2. Resize the panorama images so it is square
  3. Vertically flip the image
  4. Then apply a polar coordinate filter – available in GIMP and photoshop
  5. Rotate image and blend edges as is aesthetically appropriate.

So an example from Manchester city centre.

Panorama is from near the City Library: nice mixture of architectural style. This image is made from 35 images creating a panoram that is 11,374 x 4,161 pixels. It was done hand-held with some artifacts.

Next make this image square – in this case creating a square image 4,500 x 4,500.

Then vertically flip

and polar coordinates transform

a bit of cropping focusses the distortion.

and not vertically flipping creates a reverse operation.

Futureversions  could do with having HDR images as outside and better aligned panorams.


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